Ticket Sales Open!

Okay, WordCampers, ticket sales are open! Like every year, tickets include lunch and a limited edition event t-shirt. This year we’re doing something a little different — instead of everyone buying the same ticket, you can choose which days’ events you want to attend and buy a ticket just for those. This will help us with getting accurate headcounts, which we need for capacity and ordering food. Nothing makes me sadder than a sold-out multi-day WordCamp with empty seats on one of the days because people who only wanted to come one day had to buy a ticket for both.

This means there are a lot of options when choosing the ticket type you want, so you may want to remind yourself of the plans by checking out the program page. We’ll be adding more details there as we confirm speakers. Hey, we’re still accepting speaker applications!

Note: Matt Mullenweg’s “State of the Word” keynote will be on Sunday at Mission Bay.

Prices are unbelievably low, as always. This year you can buy a single-day ticket for $25, a 2-day ticket for $40, or a 3-day pro pass for $50.

Keeping prices this low for the bulk of attendees means we need to raise a lot of dough to cover the event costs, so we also have a microsponsorship 3-day pass for $500. This ticket is intended for WordPress professionals or people who recognize that WordCamp SF is as valuable as more traditionally-priced industry conferences and want to help support the event. Microsponsors will get an extra-cool “contributor” name badge at the event and be listed by name in the microsponsors thank you section on the Sponsors page (coming soon).

If your company uses WordPress, builds with WordPress, or just plain loves WordPress, please consider becoming an event sponsor. Our generous supporters each year are the reason we are able to do so much for so many, and we couldn’t do it without them.

Okay, enough with the details, right? Go buy your tickets now!


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6 Responses to Ticket Sales Open!

  1. DJ Starr says:

    Wow, you don’t even have a SHARE Plug-in on this! Maybe you need to go to the workshop also. Coming in from Barcelona, would like to know about any social networking events planned also for the evenings to meet others.

    • Jane Wells says:

      A snarky attitude like that will not make you many friends at WordCamp. We try not to talk down to anyone; please do the same! 🙂

  2. chaos1 says:

    How easy is it to get from Oakland to San Francisco via taxi or bus? I was looking at flights on Allegiant Air and it seems they can land me in Oak-town, but I’ll have to venture off on my own to get into San-Fran. I’m considering a rental car, which would be ideal but I’d rather be on foot. Any locals have insight?

  3. Are you looking for volunteers? I’m attending Sunday, but could work Saturday if you need help.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hi Jane,

    I’m currently a student at Berkeley, and would love to participate at WordCamp next month! I was just wondering if there were any student discounts available for starving students that would like to go. 🙂 If not, let me know if you need any volunteers to help out at the event!