The Swag: It’s Awesome

WCSF conference teesThe WordCamp San Francisco shirts arrived today and they are fantastic. I wrote a post on my personal blog last week about the backstory of the design, but the quick pitch is: we did a riff on an xkcd comic strip that in specific to the WordPress/WordCamp community. Here’s a picture of Beau and Chelsea modeling them. Yes, Chelsea is very short. And Beau is very tall. 🙂

WCSF StickersThe stickers? Also awesome. They’re an in-kind sponsorship from Sticker Giant, and they are gorgeous. The comic from the shirt is repeated so you can slap it on your laptop, and is joined by a variety of smaller WordPress and WordCamp SF logo stickers so that you have plenty of choices. Thank you so much, Sticker Giant! John from Sticker Giant also made a quick little video about how challenging these were to print. What can we say? WordPress has high standards? (Heh.)

Didn’t make it out here for WCSF? We are selling livestream tickets that cover all three days at Mission Bay, and there’s an option for a livestream + shirt ticket. Pretend it says livestream + shirt + sticker, because that is what you’ll get. We’ll send out the second round shirts and stickers in about 2 weeks if we don’t have your size at the end of WCSF.

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One Response to The Swag: It’s Awesome

  1. The swag looks great! A WP logo would look lovely on my laptop. I especially love the blanked out wifi password in the background of the photo. 😉