Submit Your Plugins for the Security Showdown!

Could your plugin be the cause of a WordPress site being hacked? WordPress security experts Mark Jaquith, Jon Cave and Brad Williams will be performing live security reviews of submitted plugins on Saturday as well as providing tips on security best practices in plugin and theme development. Standard coding techniques and patterns to defend against attacks such as XSS, CSRF and SQLi will be taught by example. If that previous sentence makes no sense to you, you really need to attend this session!

Mark is a WordPress lead developer and a freelance WordPress security consultant, Jon is a core developer and member of the security team, and Brad is author of Professional WordPress Plugin Development and a security fanatic. Together they have helped numerous plugin and theme authors fix vulnerabilities in their products.

If you would like to have your plugin reviewed then submit it using the form found below. We are looking for plugins that are relatively short in length, approximately 400 lines of code or fewer.

Note: by submitting your plugin for review, you are agreeing to a live discussion of any security issues it might have. You should be on hand to fix those issues and release an update to your plugin.

Submit your plugin now and come along to the session on Saturday to find out how to secure your plugin and thwart the bad guys. You may even win a prize!

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One Response to Submit Your Plugins for the Security Showdown!

  1. Josh says:

    I submitted my plugin (only 233 loc), however I won’t be able to attend the WordCamp.