Speaker Spotlight: Andrew Nacin

Debugging and Juggling with Nacin

WordCamp San Francisco is very special to me. Fifteen months ago, it was my first WordCamp. I was pretty terrified as a new committer to WordPress core, hoping that I would be able to keep up with my colleagues face-to-face.

Much has changed. I still struggle to keep up with my talented friends and colleagues, but I now work full-time on WordPress, WordPress.org, and other projects for Matt’s Audrey Capital. And seventeen WordCamps later, I’m excited to speak not once but twice at WordCamp San Francisco 2011.

My session on Saturday (bright and early, by preference of course) is a developer-oriented talk on debugging in WordPress. While there are some fantastic developers who build user interface features for WordPress core, I typically focus on API development and tracking down bugs. I’ll demonstrate some basic tools and setups, show how to effectively walk through the codebase, and share common pitfalls. You’ll also probably see me on stage at the Core Team Q&A that evening.

On Friday, I’ll be joining my colleague Otto in the Jane-dubbed The Otto & Nacin Show. We’re reviving a format that worked well in WordCamp Montreal last month — basically, the two of us bickering on stage about various advanced development topics. (Sorry, neither of us can juggle, but this will be more exciting.) This time, we’ll be sharing techniques for writing high-performance code, including caching, transient data, and how multisite significantly complicates this. Our presentation will only be a brief introduction, so bring your questions.

See you this weekend!

About Andrew Nacin

Andrew Nacin is a Lead Developer of WordPress. He’s led major releases, mentored contributors, and spearheaded new development. He has strong feelings about the core philosophies of WordPress, among them “decisions, not options” — software should be opinionated in lieu of burdening the user with too many options. In January 2014, he joined the U.S. Digital Service at the White House, where he works to improve the usefulness and reliability of the country’s most important digital services.
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