WordPress in the Enterprise at eMusic

How to Move Your “Enterprise” CMS to WordPress and How to Convince YOUR Company to Do It

There are many challenges when it comes to convincing your company that WordPress is a true CMS — and once you have convinced your company to make the switch to WordPress, there are challenges when it comes time to port 100s of 1000s of records/posts/content types and expose that data to world. Get a guided tour of the issues and considerations that came into play during eMusic’s recent switch to WordPress and learn what you can do to make your own process as smooth as possible.

Check out Scott’s slides: Case Study-Emusic-WordPress in the Enterprise

About the Speaker:
Scott Taylor is the lead PHP developer at eMusic and is architecting their transition to WordPress as a CMS platform. He resides in New York City and has been developing with WordPress since 2009. When not programming, he is the lead guitarist of Goodbye Picasso and a lover of gourmet Mexican food. He wrote a WordPress theme that builds his blog for him over at http://scotty-t.com. Scott spoke at WordCamp NYC in 2010.