Top 5 Ways to Break Your Blog – and Fix It

You can break your WordPress blog in a myriad of interesting and, at times, baffling ways. This talk, aimed at new WordPress users, will cover the top five breakages, showing you not only how to trigger disasters but hopefully also how we can learn from doing so, and piece our blogs back together afterwards too.

Check out Hanni’s slides: Five Ways to Break Your Blog and Fix it, Too

About the Speaker:
Hanni is a Happiness Engineer, a runner, a polyglot, and overwhelmingly hyperactive. She wears pink socks, lives in the south of France, and is slowly slipping over to the lawyer dark-side. Life as a rosbif comprises running, sampling the local cuisine, breaking far too many of her possessions by mistake, and fitting into ovens. Otherwise, ever since the b2 era Hanni has enjoyed breaking her websites in an attempt to improve them. These days, as part of the Happiness Team at Automattic she loves trying to help users solve their problems, enjoy their blogs, and break them more safely.