SEO for WordPress in 2011

In 2011, SEO is more than just optimizing page titles and a few plugins; it’s about having the right site architecture, social signals, domain authority, site speed and much more.

Sujan speaks on the latest traffic driving tips for your WordPress website including the best plugins for SEO and Social Media. He also will talk about how to implement SEO, such as keyword research, social signals that affect rankings & social media optimization for WordPress. By following his tips, you can turn your WordPress site into a traffic driving machine.


Check out Sujan’s slides: SEO for WordPress

About the Speaker:
Sujan Patel is an intrinsically motivated entrepreneur. Sujan, with more than 10 years of Internet marketing experience, is the founder and president of the SEO consulting agency Single Grain. Before starting Single Grain, Sujan developed and managed several successful in-house SEO departments and teams for multiple companies. Sujan knows the “ins and outs” of Internet marketing including SEO, social media marketing, and link building. With his knowledge and experience, Sujan increases organic rankings, traffic, brand awareness and ROI for his clients.