Getting Involved: Contribution and Courtesy

A conversation about methods of contributing to WordPress and the community, why you should do it, and how it benefits everyone – including you.

About the Speakers:
Aaron Campbell is the owner and lead developer at Xavisys, a WordPress focused web development company. He has over ten years of programming experience, and for the last several years he’s been focused on WordPress. This focus has included building sites on WordPress, writing and releasing plugins, contributing to WordPress core, and generally becoming involved in the WordPress Community as a whole.

Andy Stratton is a freelance WordPress developer, principal of web studio Sizeable Interactive and founding member the Sizeable Spaces coworking facility in Baltimore, MD. He specializes in custom theme and plugin development. JFDI is his new mantra, he’s inspired and reassured to continue upon his existing philosophy of “shut up and ship.” He likes good conversation, loves effective action. He believes in context, is a huge fan of art and animals and will almost never turn down a high-five.