Build a Better Frankenstein’s Monster:

Thanks to cloud-based services and Open Source technologies, IP is not only changing, it is being redefined and it is helping increase the value of many a start-up (and service) like never before. I am the founder of Tabletracker, a restaurant booking service whose arms, legs, and many other organs are powered by cloud based services. The brain of our service is our technology, and data-base management software, but at its heart, we have used WP and BuddyPress to power-up a community of restaurant lovers, foodies, and critics to create stickiness and brand loyalty. Our beta service combines feeds and API’s from various services such as Qype, OpenTable, Google Maps and others. We use BuddyPress and have enabled reward points, activity badges, restaurant reviews and recommendations and more in one beautiful service that pushes the boundaries of what each of these services can do. Our commitment to the WP community is to give back as much of our knowledge as possible, and to encourage users and WP novices to look into the power of open source as the example to follow when building “Monster” companies and services of your own. Because, quite frankly, why would you want to re-invent the wheel, when building a beter car?

Check out Ed’s slides: Building a Better Frankenstein’s Monster: Tabletracker

About the Speaker:
Ed is the founder of TableTracker, a startup that is being built in the tradition of Victor Frankenstein, MD. He hopes to inspire you with his talk about how you can create a better monster building with cloud-based tools, open-source parts and a lot of heart and sweat. TableTracker has already achieved a couple of unique “firsts” using WP and BuddyPress, which Ed will be showing off as part of his talk. He has written a book, attended a number of film festivals in exotic locales, and once dove into a pool with no water.