Large-Scale Installs: Friday, Mission Bay

Doors open at 8am. Sessions begin at 9am, and last 30 minutes each. Lunch will be from 12-1:30pm. Sessions will wrap up around 5pm. Happy hour will commence immediately thereafter at Pete’s Tavern and/or Pedro’s Cantina (next door to each other).

Time For Decision Makers, Visionaries, & Less-technical Pros For Pro Developers, IT Folks, and General Techies
Opening Remarks
Lunch! Networking and Sandwiches on the Terrace
Lightning sessions
Lightning sessions
Closing Remarks

6 Responses to Large-Scale Installs: Friday, Mission Bay

  1. I am a marketing agency owner who has been hiring WordPress developers. I am less technical however, I wish to learn how to install WordPress and templates so I can better judge the time it takes to deploy a campaign. I also wish to begin working in WordPress from beginning to end myself.

    What is the best track for me in this dev conference? See you this week in SFO.

    Thanks, Jerri

    • Jane Wells says:

      Hi Jerri. None of the sessions at Mission will be walking through how to install WordPress. Theming code sessions are on Saturday. Large installation case studies are on Friday. Tips and tricks for users are on Sunday. I would suggest reading the session descriptions as they are posted to decide which sessions you will be most comfortable attending.

  2. Claudia Miro says:

    Do you have an actual agenda with times for when the speakers will be presenting? Thanks!

  3. Robyn Alexander says:

    Will there be an actual schedule published beforehand?

  4. Kashif says:

    Hi. I made the payment for Live Streaming but haven’t got the confirmation yet. Guess the system is overloaded 🙂