Friday – Lighting Sessions

Developer Track (Downstairs)

1:30 – George Ortiz “With so many people on the same WordPress platform,we can easily aggregate and push information across those sites in a variety of contexts. One instance I’m working on at Storefront Themes is the ability to see trends across WordPress powered stores and how your site compares. The same idea can be used for blogs so that you could see trends in how people read and comment on posts, photos, etc. I would love to share our work and ideas with fellow WordCamp attendees in a lightning session!”

1:35 – Gal Brill “Show all of you how you can get your content to the iOS and Android Market in under 5 min!”

1:40 – J-trip “Introducing the bbPress plugin for WordPress”

1:45 – Israel “Demonstrate how any WordPress user can create and customize his own native iphone app and publish it to the Appstore by using a WordPress plugin with a friendly wizard and without dealing with any development and/or coding.”

1:50 – Calin Don “A plugin work in progress to allow displaying most viewed posts using data from Google Analytics and behaving nicely on high traffic.”

User Track (Upstairs)

1:30 – Joe Boydston “WordPress is saving journalism – Newspapers are disrupting the local media business by innovating on top of WordPress. I’ll demo and discuss plugins that redefine how a newspaper is run, including a sustainable  business model that includes both legacy print publications as well as digital. All powered by WordPress of course.”

1:35 – Susan Solar “I would like to share how I got around one issue of the SpeakUp!Email Petition plugin and another issue I am working one/dealing with currently is compatibility issue with latest version of IPhone display.”

1:40 – Douglas Bell “Multisite – How student organizations at my university are using WordPress to connect with students.”

1:45 – Suzi Grishpul “I’d love to do a talk on radSLIDE, a simple and easy-to-use slideshow plugin that my company, Radical Designs built and maintains. radSLIDE gives the user a simple interface for creating slideshows that they can use in the template or embedded in a page/post’s content. It uses jQuery cycle and is fully configurable from the wordpress backend, and is great for non-technical users.”

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