Calling All Sponsors

As the flagship/official annual WordCamp, we try to make the San Francisco event special. In San Francisco, special can cost a lot of money, which is why we depend on financial support from WordPress-based and related companies, local businesses, and even WordPress lovers who’ve done well for themselves to help cover the event costs and keep ticket prices as accessible as possible. This year, we’re putting together a program three times the size of last year, so we need to raise “beaucoup bucks,” as my granddad used to say (imagine in thick Brooklyn/Queens accent for full effect).

What’s different from last year’s sponsorships?

  • No swag bags. People already have bags, they don’t need another, and most people just throw away your lovingly crafted swag. It’s sad, but true. No more throwaways!
  • The $ levels extend higher than last year, since we have to cover three times the cost. We thought about offering individual day sponsorships, but decided simplicity was the better route. Levels range from $5,000 to $40,000.
  • Mini trade show! As the official WordPress annual conference, we decided to try a mini trade show this year. Supporters coming in at $10k and higher will be eligible to participate in the mini trade show portion of the event.
  • No specific ticket allotments. We’ll make sure sponsors have representation at the event. In the event a sponsor wants to bring a large group of additional attendees (a department of employees, etc), we’ll work out the details with them.

Your sponsorship will help pay for things like the venue rental, speaker travel, lunches and coffee, and commemorative t-shirts. So please — dig into your marketing budget, outreach allotment, or petty cash drawer and pony up to support the most anticipated WordCamp of the year. Check out the support levels and their associated benefits and get in touch to set up your sponsorship for WCSF 2011. Thanks!

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