A Few More Confirmed Speakers

Slowly but surely getting there. After this post I have about 20 more people I’m contacting, but didn’t want to make you wait until then to see who’s been confirmed since my last post. Here are the new additions!


Austin Smith – From Drupal to WordPress
Shannon Smith – Multilingual Design
John Kleinschmidt – WordPress for the Greater Good (CURE)
Greg Veen – Web Fonts for Developers


Sara Cannon – Responsive Web Design
Aaron Jorbin – JavaScript Unit Testing (catchier title to come!)
Estelle Weyl – CSS Topic TBD


Ryan Markel – Which WordPress Is Right for You?
Willo O’Brien – Title TBD
Pete Davies – Title TBD
Teru Kuwayama – Basetrack.org: taking WordPress to War

Jeff Veen is also confirmed, but we’re not sure yet if he’ll be speaking on Saturday or Sunday. He’ll likely talk about how to make the web more beautiful or something like that, but we’ll have his topic and day finalized by the time we publish the remaining lineup.

If you weren’t convinced about coming before, there’s still time to get your tickets!

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