A Dozen More Speakers Announced!

I was going to do an individual post about each speaker as they were confirmed, but have decided it would be far more interesting if they introduced themselves and their sessions on their own, so keep an eye out for some blog posts and/or video introductions by our WCSF speakers in the weeks between now and the event. We’re still sending replies to people who applied to speak and selecting more, but here are the speakers/sessions that have been confirmed so far (grouped by day, but in no particular order):

Mark Jaquith – Scaling, Servers, and Deploys — Oh My!
Sara Rosso – Introduction to the WordPress Ecosystem (likely a cleverer title to come)
Barry Abrahamson – Scaling and Servers Q&A

Nikolay Bachiyski – Unit Testing Will Change Your Life
Michael Adams – Secure IFrame Communication in a Pre-postMessage() World
Chelsea Otakan – Version Control for Designers
Andrew Nacin – Debugging in WordPress
Mark Jaquith, Jon Cave, Brad Williams – Security Showdown
Andy Skelton – Deep Voodoo: How the innermost innards of WordPress work
Daryl Koopersmith – Decisions, Not Options

Dianne Jacobs – Killer Food Blogs
Matt Mullenweg – State of the Word/Town Hall
Hanni Ross – Top 5 Ways to Break Your Blog (and how to fix it)
Teru Kuwayama – Basetrack.org: Taking WordPress to War
Sheri Bigelow – Top 10 Features You Aren’t Using (But Should Be!)

I’ll post another batch of confirmations on Monday. Who are you most excited to see?

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