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It’s Time To Propose Lightning Sessions!

Although most of WordCamp San Francisco will hum along smoothly, like a well-oiled machine, we’ve left a few blocks of time for scheduled surprises: Lightning Sessions. Following lunch on Friday and Sunday we have 30 minute time blocks…

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Speaker Spotlight: Andrew Nacin

Debugging and Juggling with Nacin

WordCamp San Francisco is very special to me. Fifteen months ago, it was my first WordCamp. I was pretty terrified as a new committer to WordPress core, hoping that I would be able to keep…

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Speaker Spotlight: Dianne Jacob

It’s summer in the Bay Area, my favorite time of year, when our 50 or so farmer’s markets are bursting at the seams with local produce at the height of flavor. At the Berkeley farmer’s market, I was…

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Speaker Spotlight: Mike Adams

Embedding your widgets/gadgets/thingummies* into other people’s sites exposes you and your users to security vulnerabilities you may not be familiar with.

In developing features for a future version of Jetpack, we at Automattic found no convenient library to protect our…

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Speaker Spotlight: Stratton and Campbell

On Saturday, August 13, Aaron and I will be discussing contributing to the WordPress community with our session’s audience. We’re not just talking about a laundry list of chores and maintenance, but progressive actions that benefit everyone in…

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Speaker Spotlight: Mark Jaquith

Scaling, Servers, and Deploys — Oh My!

WordPress runs much more than just small personal sites. But a grown up, professional site needs grown up coding, deploy, and scaling strategies. As a freelance WordPress consultant, I’ve seen every manner of…

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Speaker Spotlight: Aaron Hockley

WordPress is great online, but it can be awesome offline as well (hence the 1,000+ folks that will be in attendance at WordCamp San Francisco this weekend). Local events such as meetups, user groups, and WordCamps offer opportunities for everyone…

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Submit Your Plugins for the Security Showdown!

Could your plugin be the cause of a WordPress site being hacked? WordPress security experts Mark Jaquith, Jon Cave and Brad Williams will be performing live security reviews of submitted plugins on Saturday as well as providing…

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Speaker Spotlight: John Kleinschmidt, CURE

About a year and half ago, I was sitting in a job interview expressing my desire for excellence in the work that I do. Behind that statement was a building dissatisfaction with the corporate world and the growing knowledge that…

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